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graphic design of cd jobs and plastic business cards in toronto ontario. logo illustrator, for business card artwork. lay-out / set of up of visual art files for cd dvd duplication jobs and graphics design for plastic businesscards

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If you are sending a file of completed art, we accept the following formats:

For CD Jobs
Photoshop (7 or CE) in PSD, TIFF, EPS, all CMYK ($5.00 charge to convert from RGB). Any exported EPS of TIFF that had the fonts converted to curves or rasterized will run without a need for fonts or images. If you use Quark 3.3-4.0 or PageMaker (Mac-PC), use the collection feature. For the advanced you may use fonts, but don’t forget them.

For Plastic Business Cards we need : programs that are rasterized are Illustrator (Mac-PC), Corel Draw (PC).

We do NOT accept the following formats: Gif, Xcell, Powerpoint, Publisher, Avery, and Frammaker. Please do not large E-Mails or Imbedded pictures in Word files are not acceptable.

Sent on our FTP (if zipped or stuffed), on CD-ROM or by It’s free - no audio

Tips On Saving Money  Don't send large files by e-mail. Do FTP or UPS  Don’t fax. Do use E-Mail with text based files such as Word for corrections.


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