Terms Of “free graphics” 2020

“Back when i was an video director in the 1990’s

the editor would charged an extra $50 an hour for each addition person in the edit booth reason being each extra person would voice an idea as how the video edit should be making decision by committee — being a bit cheap  — i let the video editor do it his way not say a word — and get a deal on the job”


There are terms to my “free graphic arts”

Normal i work for free for 30 min based on the project. Two deals — one hour
if you have your art ready of txt and pics ready and know what u like — 30min will work
if however you are not ready —- it will cost $$$

i agreed to give your free graphic layout— because u r the only customer — there are no other people making decisions. if the whole band shows up there are going to be $35 per hour charge and no free help.
So if you call the band on every change, there is going to be a hourly charge of $35


So I will send one sets of  proofs of  your job (record or cd) for free (call them set 1) – So one more set after this is for free Next proof costs $25 per email proof of this same job. 

You are more than welcome to come over to my office. The first 30 min are free. Additional hours are $35 per hour (flat fee)






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